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Independent Study Contract Information

Independent Study Contract (ISC) Request for the 2019-2020 school year.

It is recognized that a missed day of instruction cannot be duplicated. Moreover, with instructors diligently preparing students for the highly interactive Core Curriculum State Standards, it is imperative all students consistently attend school. Throughout the year, vacation days are provided for all students and their families.

ISC contract dates will not be approved for blackout periods due to administrative discretion, grading periods, finals, and/or testing. This means no requested date of the absences can occur during the blackout dates listed below. Students who have unexcused absences can still request work from their teachers. It is up to each individual teacher's discretion as to what school work, if any, should be provided, graded, accepted, made-up upon return and/or recreated.

2019-2020 ISC Blackout Dates:

August 20-August 30, 2019

October 25-31, 2019

December 9-January 10, 2020

March 2-March 7, 2020

April 20-June 4, 2020

With that said, if an unavoidable occasion should arise wherin a student must miss five or more consecutive instructional school days, but no more than 10, the parent may request an ISC if it is not during the blackout dates. All requests must be made at least two full weeks prior to the first day of the absence. To request an ISC, please visit the school office.