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Room 5 Classroom Supplies / Donations


 Room 5 WANTS and NEEDS:

- Small prizes for Treasure Box

- SPRING Stickers 

- Clorox Wipes / Wet Ones

- Hand Sanitizer

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. 

Mrs. Henchel's Fabulous Firsties

Home / School Connection

Welcome Parents and Scholars to our classroom website. Please use this site as a resource for home/school communication and to stay connected to all the fun and learning happening in Room 5. Be sure to check back often to stay "in the loop!"

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Room 5 Monthly Calendar


Room 5 Classroom Rules

1.    Follow directions quickly.

2.    Raise your hand to speak.

3.    Be respectful.

4.    Make SMART choices.

5.    Always do your BEST!

Scholarly Attributes

In Room 5, First Graders learn to become responsible young scholars. These attributes help us to make smart choices in the classroom and remind us to focus on learning each and every day. 

Scholars have a thirst for knowledge. They do not know it "all". Scholars are humble and realize that there is always more to learn.

Scholars are curious. They ask questions about topics that interest them.

Scholars ponder. They take time to think things over before they make decisions, answer a question or try to solve a problem.

Scholars look at information from many points of view. They are willing to examine topics through the eyes of others, realizing that their own ideas are only one way to view a subject.

Scholars use many different resources to conduct their research. They may use books, encyclopedias, the internet or other experts as resources.

Scholars like to exercise their intellect. They enjoy challenging their mental abilities with brain teasers and problem solving.

Scholars are always prepared. They have the right tools and materials to do their work. They have a good attitude and do their best work.

Scholars save all of their ideas, thoughts, memories and plans to use again. They also refer to other scholar's work for inspiration.

Scholars set goals. They work toward something they are trying to accomplish. Scholars are flexible and change their plans if they need to do so.